First Sunday in June

First Sunday in June
Author unknown – printed in the June 5, 1988 Program
It has been one hundred years today
Since ‘Memorial Day’ started
makes people feel good
to come in memory of their departed.

At fist there were just a few
Who came to worship, eat and sing
They did not know then
What a great day it would bring.

They have morning preaching
Then dinner on the ground
Some get together and sing
While others visit all around.

Many of you people
Who gather here today
Are here to honor loved ones
Who have passed away.

My Mother and my Dad
Looked forward each and every year
To meet old friends and relatives
And the good singing they would hear.

I hope all of you that are here today
Please come again next year
And pay respect to all of those
We lost, that we loved so dear.

Where ever I am each first Sunday in June
I look forward each and every year
It will be my last request
That I be laid to rest right here.

Each one of us must someday die
That is a fact that is true
Some ones I have loved dearly
Have been buried here too.

I take comfort in the thought
Our loved ones are not alone
For you can feel God’s presence
As He sits high on His Throne.

The big cities are very noisy
Dirty, smog and very warm
But they don’t compare
With Bethel and it’s charm.

If we keep God’s Ten Commandments
And come here to commemorate
Right here in the lonely pines
Nothing can ever penetrate.

Today as we gather and visit
The precious food on board
With bowed heads we give thanks
To our loving and gracious Lord.

From FindAGrave – Pictures and Info on Cemetery 

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